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Urban renewal is an ongoing program of preservation and development in cities and towns with the Israeli government’s support. The urban renewal plan is generally carried out in areas with neglected structures and old infrastructures. This essential process allows the restoration and renovation of a building or several adjacent buildings, and it sometimes involves an entire neighborhood.

In an evacuation-reconstruction process, the contractor completely destroys the existing structures and builds higher buildings with more apartments, in accordance with the building permit. The owners of the old apartments receive new and improved apartments, while the rest of the apartments in the building are left to the developer who may sell them to new buyers. As part of the process, an agreement is first signed between the existing building apartment owners and the promoting company. The agreement guarantees the residents that they get a new apartment of larger area than their current apartment, along with a parking space, a “mamad” (reinforced anti-bomb room), a storage room, rental paid for the whole construction period, as well as various benefits and more..

Why Cnaan?

Cnaan Group is, and has been, one of the leading companies in the field of clearance-redevelopment in Israel for over a decade. The vast experience, extensive knowledge, perfect execution and utilisation of the finest professionals in the construction industry is what guarantees tenants real peace of mind. Experience, expertise and the invaluable information acquired by the company over time, combined with its diligence and financial backing, places Cnaan Group at the forefront of entrepreneurial companies in Israel’s urban renewal field.


Selected projects

Smart Towers – Ramat Gan

Sm@rt Towers – a unique project located in one of the highest in demand neighbourhoods of Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan – Neveh Yehoshua

Clearance-reconstruction project in cooperation with the Shinhav Company

Kiriyat Ono – Levi Eshkol Street

Clearance-reconstruction Southern Levi Eshkol Street Complex - Kiriyat Ono

Nes Ziona – Market Complex

Clearance-reconstruction Market Complex Project - Nes Ziona

Giv’at Shmuel – “Giora” Complex

Giora Neighborhood clearance-reconstruction Complex - Giv’at Shmuel

Netaniya – “Gashash” Complex

Clearance -reconstruction Complex – Gordon, Sheshet Hayamim & Shmuel Hanatziv junction - Netaniya

Ramat Gan – Negba Street

Clearance-reconstruction Negba Street Complex - Ramat Gan