Cnaan Group. Spearhead for Urban Renewal.

Urban renewal enables the renovation and reconstruction of buildings (usually implemented in high rise buildings), improvement of urban infrastructure, roads and sidewalks and even contributes to the rejuvenation of the population in the renewed compound. The real benefit of the program is the ability to revive aging neighborhoods by injecting “young blood”, which seeks quality housing at a reasonable price, in a well-kept environment. Urban renewal helps rehabilitate neglected neighborhoods and include them into the active urban fabric.

The TAMA 38 plan is intended to enable the reinforcement of old and dilapidated structures that were erected prior to January 1, 1980, in preparation for protection against earthquakes. TAMA 38 means reinforcement of the building structure and additions to the existing apartments, or alternatively, the entire demolition of the old structure to clear the land for the construction of a new and modern building.

Why Cnaan 38?

The Cnaan Group is active in the field of urban renewal, with an emphasis on evacuation-reconstruction, out of awareness to the need and the necessity to rehabilitate and improve buildings and neighborhoods, as a factor for the development of a creative and active community. For Cnaan, neighborhoods rehabilitation and “revival” is a commitment and a mission and we believe that only such solutions will bring along a better tomorrow.

Cnaan 38 was founded under the professional umbrella of the Cnaan Group, specialized in the identification, planning, initiation and execution of Tama 38 projects, with all its amendments.

In addition, the field of ​​urban renewal and the residents themselves deserve personal care and attention, creativity, the ability to think further, willingness to invest hard work and money, overtime at unusual hours, and the Cnaan Group, its dedicated teams and company managers are just willing to invest themselves in such commitment.