Cnaan Group- At the forefront of urban renewal.

Urban renewal allows for the renewal and reconstruction of existing buildings’ which for the most part is executed by increasing the height of structures to accommodate additional floors. Positive externalities of such projects include an improvement in the urban infrastructure’ the roads’ pavements and even a reduction in the local demographics’ average age. The ability to revive an ageing neighbourhood with an influx younger people, that demand quality living at a reasonable price and in a well maintained environment, is the true benefit of this scheme.

With the help of such projects the neighbourhoods are rejuvenated and return once again to be a part of the active urban fabric.

The “TAMA 38” Plan’s objective is to strengthen the construction of old deteriorating buildings that were built before 01.01.1980 as a protective measure against earth quakes etc. During the course of “TAMA 38” The building is reinforced and the apartments are enlarged’ or alternatively the existing building is demolished and a new, fully modern building is built in its place.

Why Cnaan 38?

Cnaan group is active in the Urban renewal field, with an emphasis in the Clearance and Reconstruction field. Cnaan group recognises the urgent necessity in reconstructing and improving the structures and neighbourhoods, as a vital factor in establishing a community that is creative and active. For us, reconstructing and rejuvenating, is an immense calling as we believe that only solutions of this sort will guide us towards a better future.

Cnaan 38 was established under the professional umbrella of Cnaan Group. Cnaan 38 specialise in locating, planning, initiating and executing of “TAMA 38” projects and all its amendments.

Furthermore, the urban renewal field as well as the tenants requires much personal attention, the ability to think outside the box, creativity, willingness to work irregular hours and significant funding. All this and more can be found in Cnaan Group, it’s working team and management.