The Cnaan Group is a company engaged in residential real estate development: evacuation-reconstruction complexes and TAMA 38 projects. The Company was founded by Eyal Handler, Meir Tal and Niv Rom.

The Cnaan Group set as its goal to develop quality and unique projects, with attention to the creation of a modern and modern residential environment that fulfills the dreams of its customers, to provide them with the required security in the building of their new home and, of course, to be at the forefront of technological innovation and design innovation. To this end, the Company sticks to using the highest quality materials, smart building procedures, to perform a perfect design and to keep the schedules.

In addition, the company employs the best professionals in the real estate industry, including architects, engineers, appraisers, lawyers and economists of the highest caliber. The vast experience, expertise and uncompromising professional know-how of the staff are the secret for the success of the entire team.

The Cnaan group focuses on the customer and builds the entire residential area around his needs. The deep understanding of the needs of its customers, the understanding of the requirements on the terrain and the scrupulous attention to the small details are the factors that enable the Cnaan Group to achieve perfect results.